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We understand your immediate need for assistance when your car stalls. Look no further than our Long Island towing local services. We offer 24 hour towing Long Island, and you can trust our team to get to you in the shortest time. 

Our business focuses on offering you the best rates and ensuring we save you time and help you avoid a frustrating experience.

So, if you want to know, “how can I get a tow company Long Island around me or closes to my location?”, we are available everywhere in Long Island to help you address any situation stressing you about your stalled car. Our Long Island towing services include things like flat tire repair and replacement, gas delivery, and jump-start service. As a trusted tow truck Company Long Island, we strive to ensure you’re served in the most efficient way, so we have the equipment we need for our operations.

Also, our team is trained and equipped to ensure you always get a professional intervention. We’re on standby to address any roadside services when called upon, so get in touch if you’re in need.

Car Lockout Service

If you locked keys in the car, you might want to contact a tow service nearby. We’re one of the best tow truck company Long Island and we respond professionally to your calls for help. Modern cars come equipped with technology that will allow you to get your keys if you lock them in the car, but sometimes, the technology fails, so you cannot open the door. This could happen when you desperately need to drive to an important event.

Also, when the car’s locks are damaged, or if the battery in the car lock remote is depleted, you cannot access the car. To ensure you don’t damage your vehicle trying to retrieve the keys, it’s important to work with a professional who understands the locking mechanism of your vehicle.

This is where our Long Island towing team comes in. We come with the right tools and also ensure you don’t have to break your car window to get your keys. Our response is quick, so we will help you go about your day without wasting much time.

Gas Delivery and Jump Start Service

It’s frustrating running out of gas in the middle of a place you cannot access a gas station. If you encounter this situation, you should not panic as we can help you get back on the road. Our team will take your details and get the right amount of fuel to your location. Simply call us with information about your vehicle and location and we will dispatch the amount of gas you need to continue with your journey uninterrupted. When you call, we will also share information on the cost of the whole operation, so you can understand how much you can spend beforehand.

Besides, you can call our tow truck Nassau County professionals when you have a dead battery. This can be as stressful as running out of gas, so we come with the tools required to jump-start your vehicle without shorting electrical components. We understand modern vehicles come with sophisticated technology, which can be damaged by following the wrong procedure when trying to jump-start. Our professionals know how to go about the process for different vehicles to ensure nothing is damaged.

Removing Illegally Parked Vehicles

Finding a vehicle abandoned on your path or driveway can be stressful if you want to drive somewhere quickly. Our team offers towing Long Island and helps you to remove any illegally parked vehicle to allow easy accessibility. When you call us for tow truck Long Island, we also acknowledge the need to handle the vehicle blocking your way carefully as damaging it would attract a lawsuit. 

Our team will inspect the situation and use the safest way to move the vehicle to ensure it’s not damaged in any way. In addition to removing illegally parked cars, you can also call our tow truck Long Island to remove an old vehicle from your property, so you never have to deal with an auto wrecker.

Flat Tire Repair/Replacement

If you’re a driver, you have probably had a flat tire. Sometimes, it happens that more than one of your wheels is affected, especially after driving over scattered debris on a roadway. Many people assume replacing a flat tire is an easy task, well it used to be. Modern vehicles feature a design that many require special tools to replace a tire. If you don’t have those tools, it will be difficult getting back on the road.

Also, some vehicles don’t offer a spare tire to maximize trunk space, and if one is available, it’s often the donut, which is not suitable for long distances. When you call us, share information about your vehicle and we will get the rights tire to match your vehicle’s requirements. We also have special tools that make the work quick and easy.

Collision Towing

You might also need to tow Long Island because of an accident. Not all motorists are sober and careful when driving, so you might be involved in an accident that was not your fault. If your vehicle is damaged and must be towed, you need to work with a professional towing service that will make the situation easy for you. If you need a tow truck Suffolk County, we have drivers who are equipped and experienced who will help you handle your vehicle after an accident. We are fast, we use flares on the road for safety, and we share valuable advice on what you should do. While you always pray for the best while driving, it’s important to always have the contact information of a professional towing service.

why choose our towing service?

We offer experience, which is important in the towing business. Also, we’re upfront and honest in our work.

We’re reliable and ensure quick arrival times. Our pricing is also affordable and we never up charge our customers.

Our service is professional. Our staff is made up of stand-up individuals who are reliable and honest.

Most importantly, we’re licensed and insured. Should anything happen, we can handle the problems professionally.